The Clan of the Almighty Hoboe

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What Up Hoboes!

Hey all this is slothower your clan leader.  This is our new clan website and I hope you will find it useful. I will do my best to link it and keep it updated. Here I will post updates, announcements, happenings, and anything else noteworthy.  We will have tips, spoilers, a glossary, and clan policies posted ASAP.



Our Member count is over 1200!!! KEEP DONATING MEAT we will try to keep our mamberlist updated 

Thanks to generous donations, we have been able to support high-cost advertising, which has in turn boosted our membership to over 550 members!!! 

The gym has been replaced with the rumpus room!  Our rumpus room has a KLAW machine, 3 sources of meat, and more! 

We no longer have a clan store-it was no longer bringing in enough income to make it worthwile.


The top meat farming areas-

Need meat fast? adventure at these areas to get some fast meat

The Cobb's Knob Treasury

here you will fight bean counters and elite guardsmen with a base meat drop of 50.  Some adventures however will give you 500 or 300 meat.  On days that the hermit has ten-leaved clovers you can stock up on them then adventure in the treasury.  each adventure will give you a dense meat stack which you can auto sell for 1000 meat.

The Icy Peak

here you will fight knott yetis which have a base meat drop of 300.  They will also give more if you have a lepreachaun as a familiar.  The yetis will also drop furs which you can trade to the L337 Tr4pz0r for whichever skin the bounty hunter hunter is selling.  Then sell them to the bounty hunter hunter for 195 meat


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Clan Benefits

Our benefits are:

-a meat tree, potted meat bush, and hanging meat vine for lots of meat per day (just remember to pick them)

-a KLAW machine, for various goodies

-A couch for resting

-self-help books for adventures

-lots of helpful members

-a forum 

K-mail me under the name slothower