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The Naughty Sorceress


When you reach level 10, the Council of Loathing will open up the final area: The Lair of the Naughty Sorceress.

To get past the first gate you must use a Tasty Fun Good Rice Candy (found in The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm) to get a Sugar Rush. For the next gate, you must use a wussiness potion, and for the last gate, you need a Thin Black Candle (Goth Giants in the Giant Castle drop it).

The next location is The Huge Mirror. To get past the mirror, take all of your gear off (show your true self), and you will get a huge mirror shard.

To pass the Perplexing Door, you will need: A Boris Key (answer is "fish", you will receive a Fish Bowl), Jarlsberg Key (answer is "phish", reward is a fishtank), Sneaky Pete Key (answer is "fsh", you will receive a fish hose), Skeleton Key (either play until you get eleven by chance, or use a ten-leaf clover to get a stone tablet (Really Evil Rhythm)), Richard's Star Key (equip a star buckler and any star weapon, and have a star starfish as your familiar, you will get a stone tablet (Sinister Strumming) as a reward) and a Digital Key (enter "up up down down left right left right b a", you will receive a stone tablet (Squeezings of Woe)). The Boris, Jarlsberg and Sneaky Pete Keys are typically found at the end of the Daily Dungeon. The Skeleton Key is made by combining a Skeleton Bone and Loose Teeth. Richard's Star Key is created by using a Star Chart and entering 8 stars and 7 lines. And the Digital Key is created at the Crackpot Mysic's shed when you give the mystic 30 white pixels. You can also get an Easter Egg balloon (+5 all major stats) here by having a Balloon Monkey (combine four long skinny balloons) in your inventory and using it in the door.

To pass the Perplexing Odor, you must combine the Fish Hose with a Fish Bowl, and then combine the Hosed Fisbowl with fishtank to get the Makeshift SCUBA Gear. Completing the Perplexing Odor will partially activate the Stone Mariachis.

To pass The Stone Mariachis you need a Heavy Metal Thunderrr Guitarrr (combine an Accoustic Guitarrr and a Chrome Ore), a stolen accordion, and a bone rattle (combine a Skeleton Bone and a broken skull) or a tambourine (tambourine bells and Gnollish Pie Tin).Completing the Stone Mariachis will open up a new area to adventure in - The Hedge Maze.

In The Hedge Maze, battle until you get a hedge maze puzzle. In the puzzle, create a path to the key and adventure in the Maze again. You will get a hedge maze key. Now create a path out of the Maze in the puzzle and reenter the Maze. The Sorceress' Tower is now open.

The Sorceress' Tower is a series of enemies undefeatable by normal combat, you must use special items to kill them. They give many stats points when you beat them, so you should equip a volleyball familiar to get even more stat points. On the first level of the tower, you will fight a Fickle Finger of F8. Use a razor-sharp can lid to slice it. On tower level 2 you face a Pretty Fly, kill it with a spider web (which can be found in The Sleazy Back Alley on the Wrong Side of the Tracks). On the third tower level you face A Flaming Samurai, ice him using the Frigid Ninja Stars. The fourth level pits you against An Ice Cube. Defeat it with a can of hair spray (bought in the Market). On the fifth level you fight A Beer Batter. Use a baseball on it. On Tower Level 6, you fight An Enraged Cow. Use a Barbed-Wire Fence (can be found at the shore, in the Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort) to contain it. The Sorceress' Chamber is now open. 

When You reach the sorceress' chamber you will see two doors a light door and a heavy door.  Enter through the light door to recieve a riddle the answer to this riddle is the code to the heavy door.  When you get through the heavy door you will face your own shadow.  The only way to hurt your shadow is to heal yourself, so use tons of potions.  Then the sorceress will send two of her familiars at you go th the kol coldfront (linked on home page) to see a table of which twenty puond familiar you must have equipped to be able to beat her familiar.  After you have beat her you have to face her.  You must have the wand of nagamar equipped.  You must beat all three forms of the NS to be able to ascend, and it is impossible to beat her third form without the wand.  I reccommend using two star throwing stars per turn if you have ambidexterous funkslinging, or athe wand of nagamar in your main slot and a star stilletto in your offhand slot if you have two handed skull smashing. GOOD LUCK


An Adventurer Is You!

^sorceress form one

<sorceress form two