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Level 7 Cryptic Emanations

Head to the Crypt in the Nearby Plains. Adventure in the Defiled Areas until the areas become undefiled and disappear (it will take several adventures). Once all four areas are gone, adventure into the Haert Of The Crypt and kill the boss to get two items, now go to the council to get a Dragonbone Belt Buckle. Combine this with the Batskin Belt to get the Badass Belt Accessory (+5 all major stats), use the Chest of the Bonerdagon to get a 150 Boost to each stat and some meat.

Level 8 Am I My Trapper's Keeper

This is a simple quest head to the mountains and follow the directions of the L337 Tr4pz0r

Level 9 A Quest, LOL

You need a bridge to get across the valley so adventure in the obligatory pirates cove until you get an abridged dictionary take it to the untinkerer and get a bridge and a dictionary.  adventure across the valley until you reach the castle to free the baron hint:use the dictionary it is the best weapon(combat item) against the monsters there

Level 10 The Rain On the Plains Is Mostly Garbage

When you have planted a Beanstalk and reached 100 in your primary stat, you can adventure in the The Penultimate Fantasy Airship. Fight here until you collect the five Immaterias and get a S.O.C.K and a Giant Castle Map. The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky is now open for adventuring.  Adventure there until you turn the weel twice in the same direction.  HINT if you have the CLEESH spell and cannot beat the monsters use it and you will turn them into frogs.