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Policies of the Hoboes

Clan Stash

Ever since the stash was emptied, we have been forced to place karma restrictions on newcomers.  Please kmail slothower or Harry The Psyco if you feel that you should be given a higher ranking, and we will evaluate your position.

Clan Warfare

We have decided that clan warfare is a waste of our valuable meat, so we have stopped attacking other clans and are devoting the meat in our stash to advertising purposes.

Meat Farming

Meat farming is very helpful to our clan.  Unless we have someone to donate Mr. A's or other rares, it is very difficult to get meat for the stash.  Designated meat farmers for the clan are very helpful.  Kmail slothower or Harry The Psyco if you wish to devote yourself or a multi to meat farming and we will direct you to the best places.