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A short and sweet list of the Kingdom's most important offerings:

Here in KOL, we deal in meat.   You will be able to get along fine with what you have, but  once you get your meat savings to over a million, you are rolling.

Where all your items go that are not equipped, being eaten, or being used.  It is divided into sections for food and drink, equipment, and miscellaneous items.

Anything that can be worn or held.

Things you can eat to gain adventures and occasionally other stat boosts.  Hi meins are the best type of food, with each offering around 25 adventures and  large stat gains.  You have a fullness that allows you to eat only a certain amount of food per day.

Alcoholic beverages that will also give you adventures.   The mushroom wines are among the best booze there is.  As with food, you have a drunkeness rating, but there is a catch.  if your drunkenness gets to 15 (or 20 with the liver of steel), you are falling down drunk and cannot do anything until the next day.  Always watch your drunkenness!

Every time you go somewhere where the name has a little number in parentheses (i.e. (1)), it is costing you an adventure.  You can only adventure for  however many adventures you have per day.  This base number can be increased by clan benefits, outfits, and edibles.

This is the area where you can rest on the ground, in your cottage, tent , or house to regain hp and mp, store stuff in your closet,  attack pvp, grow familiars, and place certain items.